Name - Cindy Phillips

Age - 21

Birthday – October 31

Occupation - student, criminology major, fitness model

Hobbies - When I’m not at the gym I love to spend time outdoors and I love to shop. My Chihuahua and I like to go for walk and play fetch together, I also like spending time with friends and family.

Favorite singers - Britney Spears, Usher.

Favorite shows- nip/tuck, the oc and big brother

Competition history/future - 2004 Nova Scotia Bodybuilding Championship - 2nd lightweight women 2004 Canadian Nationals - Junior Women Champion

Upcoming contests: 2005 Nova Scotia Bodybuilding Championships - April and depending on how I look and do there I may attend Canadian Nationals September.

Future aspiration: I would love to one day go pro, and maybe be the youngest woman in Canada to do so, that would be awesome!! Each contest is a learning experience and practice and only helps me to improve. If I look better at each contest than the last than I’ve done what I’ve wanted.

Favorite Bodybuilders/Physiques - Christine Roth, Monica Brant, Chris Cook, Stan Macquay.
Cinteta weight - 15
Off-season 130 - 140
Favorite bodypart - shoulders
Least favorite - legs
Favorite to train - chest
training split
1 - back and biceps
2 - chest and triceps
3 - cardio, abs and calves
4 - shoulders
5 - legs
6 - cardio, abs, calves

Each day I also do 30 minutes of cardio after each workout in the off-season and during contest I do 45 minutes in the morning as well. Diet strategy- Contest consists of high protein, low to med carbs and moderate fats. Each day is pretty much the same coinsisting of egg white, chicken, protein isolator, oatmeal. brown rice and green veggies. Off season I eat a lot of the same foods but also add in things like steak, lean beef, pasta and treats like chocolate cheesecake once and a while!!

Supplements - protein supplement (I prefer nectar by syntrax), multivitamin, greens plus, Cla, calcium/magnesium, and fat burners (I like hydroxyl blast)

Links sites I frequently visit:,,,,,,,,,, and