April 4th
Follow Cindy on Twitter! She is "Canchick" on the twitter site.

April 3rd
Cindy is 15 weeks out from the Tampa Pro Show, which will be her pro bodybuilding debut! Follow her progress in the new contest countdown section.

April 1st
Fresh new posing clips posted in the members section today.

March 28th
Cindy is back to bodybuilding! Check out her blog post for the latest from one of the world's youngest and hottest IFBB pro female bodybuilders.

December 13th
Fresh new clips posted today feature Cindy looking amazing posing indoors.

November 3rd
New photo galleries added today.

September 10th
Another big fresh gallery added today.

August 27th
New Jeff Binns photos added today.

July 30th
Jeff Binns photo shoot page begins today.

June 15th
New Cindy galleries posted today.

May 12th
180 more hot shots of Cindy posing at the beach posted today.

April 24th
Another big new gallery of photos posted today.

April 20th
Cindy's monumentally substantial physique is shown off in today's new gallery.

April 18th
New beach photos posted today in a gallery of more than 200 shots.

April 12th
A couple new clips posted today.

April 7th
A big new photo set of Cindy posted today.

April 6th
More classic Cindy footage posted today as her '04 Offseason shoot is re-edited and offered in high resolution for the first time.

February 10th
More classic Cindy footage posted today as her '04 Offseason shoot is re-edited and offered in high resolution for the first time.

January 22nd
Going back to the archives today and posting footage from Cindy's first shoot ever at 19 years of age in high resolution for the first time ever.

January 10th
Bench press shots posted today.

December 17th
A new set of pictures from the gym posted today; these feature Cindy's calves.

December 6th
The last set of Cindy clips posing after her show is posted today.

November 29th
New clips added today.

November 14th
A trio of posing clips from after the show posted today in the video section.

November 8th
A new set of photos from Cindy's latest beach shoot posted today.

November 4th
Cindy's arms explode on the preacher curl in today's newly posted photo set.

November 2nd
The next set of Cindy's clips from the '06 show are posted today. These clips are the first batch of on-site posing clips filmed with her own camera.

October 25th
We were finally able to rescue the garbled tape with footage of Cindy at the show from the 06 Canadian Nationals. The first set of clips from that tape are posted today.

October 20th
There's couple new posts in Cindy's blog to check out.

October 11th
Cindy's catching some rays and laying out at the beach in today's new photo galleries.

October 5th
New shots of Cindy posing and working out in the Aerobics room are posted today in the gym section.

October 3rd
A "Pumped Biceps" gallery posted today.

October 1st
Check out a big new photoset featuring Cindy doing bicep curls.

September 27th
Check out Cindy's latest blog posts in her online journal and stay updated with the latest from the youngest current IFBB pro bodybuilder in the world.

September 21st
The first couple sets of photos posted from Cindy's latest gym photo shoot posted today features Cindy's arms.

September 20th
Fresh new gallery shots of Cindy from Atlantic City posted today.

August 25th
More members beach video clips posted today.

August 17th
Check out Cindy's blog for the latest news; unfortunately, an injury is going to prevent her from competing in September.

August 16th
Another big beach posing clip posted today in the Summer 2008 video section.

August 13th
Fresh material and updates resume today with clips from Cindy's latest beach shoot from just a couple weeks ago. We have a month of non-updating to make up for; so stay tuned for lots of fresh new pics and clips of Cindy as she prepares to compete as an IFBB pro for the first time.

July 13th
The second half of an arms workout is posted today in the members section.

July 7th
The first half of an arms workout is posted today in the members section.

June 29th
Its a heavy legs day (quads, squats, calves, hams) posted in the gym training footage section today.

June 28th
A couple of fun clips posted today.

June 25th
Catch up on the latest ramblings from Cindy in her newest blog post today as she's less than 8 weeks out from her first ever IFBB pro competition.

June 21st
A candid clip is posted today; come along with Cindy as she gets her belly button pierced.

June 18th
Back training clips posted today in the gym video section.

June 12th
Cindy trains shoulders in today's video update.